This course introduces students to a unique genre of literature: the graphic novel. After mastering the basic terms for graphic novel composition, the students will dive into contemporary works and analyze how the combination of art and words impacts the structure of text. We will also examine the validity of the graphic novel format and determine whether or not it is appropriate for sensitive subject matter such as The Holocaust. Finally, students will explore the development of the superhero stories and discover how other literary genres have an large impact on superhero narratives.

The English program at Gunn High School focuses on the traditional concerns of the discipline—literature, composition, language, and grammar.  Literature serves as a resource for both the study of ideas, culture, and values, and the development of composition skills. The study of composition and writing emphasizes the art and the craft, the organization and the support, and the clear and effective use of language in its written forms. Vocabulary, language, and grammar studies are integrated with the study of literature and composition.

The Gunn English program consists of a four-year required sequence of both required and elective semester-long courses designed to meet students’ needs in literature, composition, and language study at levels appropriate to their individual skills and abilities in English. The complete sequence includes required courses in American, World, Contemporary, and Western Literatures, as well as in communication skills and literary genres.

See Gunn High School's 2017-18 Course Catalog for more information about English classes.

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