The Gunn Math Department recommends that some students do summer homework to prepare themselves for next Fall.


1. Students going to Alg2/TrigA and students bridging up to Alg2/TrigH from Geo A are strongly encouraged to review vital Algebra skills over the summer.  We have the following resources for this:



2.  Students going to AB Calculus next year (especially those bridging up from Precalculus) are encouraged to review Advanced Algebra skills by doing the following:



3. Students bridging up to Analysis from Alg2/TrigA will need to learn a few topics on their own this summer.  These are topics that other Analysis students learned in Alg2/TrigH.  The following attached pdf has links to instructional videos and also problem sets on




Get first-hand experience of Gunn by volunteering. Studies show parent involvement with the school contributes to a student's success. There are many jobs, some that bring perents on campus to serve students directly, and some that enable parents to work together.

All are designed to make Gunn a strong, supportive, fun community!

  • Back to School
  • Field Trips
  • Work in classrooms: math , science , electives
  • Work at the SAC, AC, C&CC, Library
  • Chaperone dances
  • Serve at large community events
  • Parent Network, Parent Ed leaders
  • Student, Staff appreciation events
  • PTSA Liaison to school and PTA Council Committees


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To volunteer at Gunn:

To volunteer for PTSA:

Parent Volunteer Survey 2017-2018


Please let us know about your experiences in Focus On Success by filling out this short survey.


We are pleased to announce that Jane Dick and Elizabeth Milner were the top two vote recipients and have been re-elected to another 2-year term (2017-2019) on the Gunn Site Council. They join Ani Gnanalingam and Jennifer Schultz representing Gunn parents on Site Council for 2016-2018. Carolina Moraes Liu is the Site Council Parent Alternate for 2017-18. The parent alternate serves on Site Council in case one of the four parents must leave his/her position before his/her term is up, or if one of them cannot attend a meeting.